What’s Really Stopping You From Performing at the Top of Your Game.

Updated: Apr 19

QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF: What’s stopping you from getting to/performing at THE TOP OF YOUR GAME? I’m talking physically, mentally, and in ALL other areas of your life. What is something you’re doing, or maybe not doing, that’s holding you back from FEELING the best you’ve ever felt from the inside out.

Doing anything other than working to be a better version of you is a WASTE OF TIME. YES we have commitments and things we need to do that we don’t always want to do, and YES sometimes you have to struggle to get to the other side of your version of success, but take an honest inventory and see what your doing to YOURSELF that’s holding you back.

Common things that I’ve found myself doing to hold myself back subconsciously and consciously include:

❌ Telling myself I’ll start tomorrow, or the next day, or...the next day.

❌ Preoccupying myself with time-suckers like social media, etc.

❌ Telling myself that I did a HIIT workout the other day and therefore I don’t have to today.

If you want to be the strongest version of you physically, mentally, and emotionally, it’s time to get your sneakers on, tie your hair up, put your game face on, and get real honest with yourself about your next step/move.


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