How to Motivate Yourself to Get Back Into a Workout Routine After Vacation

Updated: Apr 19

Q: how do you motivate yourself to get back into a workout routine after vacation/long breaks?

A: I think of my “why” — my why is my reasoning and intention behind working out. 99% of the time my why is because I want to feel strong from the inside out and because I’m obsessed with the joyous, motivated, and unstoppable feeling post workout. The other 1% of my why is because I use fitness as my way to sweat out the shit in my head that we all absorb through the day (overthinking, judging, negative thoughts, etc.). During runs and intense workouts I’ll repeat mantras in my head to train my brain to think in a positive way and in new perspectives.

If your WHY is strong enough, it WILL motivate you to get up and do the thing you’ve been putting going to the gym or a workout class 😜.


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