My Purpose

Welcome to BootyCamp USA! I am Grace, your trainer and the creator of BootyCamp USA. I am excited you are here and grateful to be part of your journey. Everyday I'm creating

top-notch, killer workouts that are designed to empower and motivate you so that you can step into the strongest version of you -- physically and mentally. My goal: to help you prove to yourself just how strong you actually are.


I'm certified by the American Council on Exercise and specialize in high-intensity-interval training (HIIT), cardio, and toning workouts. 

What's my why? Well, I believe we need each other; we need connection and support. No matter how satisfying it is to crush a workout, the feeling is multiplied when you crush that workout with others. The inspiration and empowerment that is created during and after a room full of motivated women complete a workout is...pure magic.

The Backstory 

Working out gave me strength when I didn't feel like I had any. After going through a "slump" and an unhealthy relationship, I knew I wanted to make a transformation from the inside out. How do you possibly gain back confidence, strength, and self-love when for years you teach yourself to do the opposite? I decided to workout and start fueling my body (physically) with strength and love. It's interesting how when you take the action, other things will seemingly fall into place. There is an immense power and beauty from comes from being physically strong. Each workout I gained a little more strength and found that that directly related to my thoughts about my life and direction. 


I found that working out helped me literally move through emotional and mental blocks and I was able to regain my confidence, strength, and power back. Now I work to inspire all those who attend the BootyCamp USA classes to show up for their life, put in the work, and move through whatever blocks are stopping them. Getting strong, fit, and toned is a byproduct of showing up and getting your mindset right. 

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